How to Login to a Shared Folder with Your Windows Account on Windows 11

If you want to access a shared folder on Windows 11 using your Windows account password, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings:

    • Click on the Start button (Windows logo) in the taskbar.
    • Click on the Settings (gear-shaped) icon to open the Windows Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Accounts:

    • In the Windows Settings app, click on the Accounts category.
  3. Change Sign-in Options:

    • Under the Accounts section, click on Sign-in options in the left sidebar.
  4. Disable Windows Hello (Recommended):

    • Look for the option that says “For improved security, only allow Windows Hello sign-in for Microsoft accounts on this device (Recommended).”
    • If this option is enabled, click on the switch to turn it off. You may be prompted to enter your current password to make this change.
  5. Access the Shared Folder:

    • After disabling Windows Hello, you can now access the shared folder.
    • Open File Explorer by pressing Win + E or by clicking on the folder icon in the taskbar.
  6. Connect to the Shared Folder:

    • In File Explorer, click on the Network tab on the left sidebar. This will display a list of available network devices and shared folders.
    • Locate the shared folder you want to access. It should appear under the list of network devices or under “Network Locations.”
  7. Login with Your Windows Account Password:

    • Double-click on the shared folder you want to access.
    • If prompted for credentials, enter your Windows account username and password. Make sure to specify your computer’s name or IP address as the domain if required (e.g., COMPUTERNAME\YourUsername or IP_Address\YourUsername).
    • If you want Windows to remember your credentials for future access, you can check the “Remember my credentials” or “Remember my password” option depending on the version of Windows 11.
  8. Access the Shared Folder:

    • Once you’ve successfully entered your credentials, you should be able to access the shared folder and its contents.

That’s it! You’ve now logged into a shared folder on Windows 11 using your Windows account password. Remember to keep your Windows account password secure, as it grants access to your computer and shared resources on the network.