Naming Conventions for Development Environments

Naming conventions play a vital role in software development environments, providing consistency and clarity throughout the development process. In this article, we will explore the most common naming conventions for development environments, covering GitLab CI/CD, GitHub Actions, domain names, branch names, Docker Compose files, and Dockerfile names.

Naming Common Convention
GitLab CI/CD Convention dev
GitHub Actions Convention dev
Domain Names
Branch Names dev
Docker Compose Files
Dockerfile Names

GitLab CI/CD Convention

When working with GitLab CI/CD, the most common convention for naming pipeline stages in development environments is to use “dev” as the keyword. This convention ensures compatibility and alignment with GitLab CI/CD’s pipeline system.

GitHub Actions Convention

Similarly, in GitHub Actions workflows, “dev” is commonly used to name pipeline stages in development environments. This convention provides consistency and ease of understanding within the GitHub Actions ecosystem.

Domain Names

For development environments, it is common to use domain names such as “” to represent the development environment. This naming convention clearly indicates that the domain is associated with the development phase of the software.

Branch Names

When naming branches in development environments, using “dev” as a prefix or suffix is a widely adopted convention. For example, “dev-feature-branch” or “feature-branch-dev” clearly indicate that the branch is related to development work.

Docker Compose Files

In the context of Docker Compose files, the most common naming convention for development environments is “”. This naming pattern makes it clear that the file is intended for use in the development environment, ensuring proper organization and understanding.

Dockerfile Names

When it comes to Dockerfiles targeting development environments, the convention often follows the pattern of “”. This naming convention explicitly communicates the purpose of the Dockerfile, making it easier for developers to identify the appropriate file.


Consistent and meaningful naming conventions are essential in development environments to ensure clarity, organization, and effective collaboration. The most common conventions for development environments include using “dev” as the naming convention for GitLab CI/CD and GitHub Actions pipeline stages, incorporating “dev” in domain names, branch names, Docker Compose files (“”), and Dockerfiles (“”).

While these conventions are widely used, it’s important to consider the specific requirements of your project and align with your team’s preferences. By following best practices in naming conventions, you can enhance the overall development experience and promote efficient collaboration among team members.

Remember, naming conventions are not rigid rules, and it’s always advisable to establish and adhere to agreed-upon conventions within your development team for consistency and ease of understanding.