Disk Cleanup Pro Keeps Removing iCloud Profile Picture

If you’re facing the issue where Disk Cleanup Pro consistently removes your iCloud profile picture and you want to prevent this from happening, here’s a solution that involves excluding specific caches from being deleted.

Problem Description

Disk Cleanup Pro is a utility program designed to help users free up disk space on their computers by removing unnecessary files and caches. However, it appears to be deleting the iCloud profile picture, causing inconvenience for users who wish to keep their profile picture intact.


To avoid Disk Cleanup Pro from deleting the iCloud profile picture, we can add an exception to prevent the deletion of the cache associated with the macOS System Preferences.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Identify the Cache Directory

First, we need to locate the cache directory that contains the iCloud profile picture cache. In this case, the cache responsible for storing macOS System Preferences data is located at:


  1. Exclude the Cache Directory

Now, we’ll configure Disk Cleanup Pro to exclude the specified cache directory so that it won’t be deleted during the cleanup process.

  • Launch Disk Cleanup Pro on your Mac.
  • Navigate to the settings or preferences section of the application.
  • Look for an option that allows you to exclude specific folders or directories from being cleaned up.
  1. Add the Exclusion
  • Click on the “Add” or “Exclude” button (the wording might vary depending on the app’s interface).
  • Browse to the following location: ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.systempreferences
  • Select the cache directory mentioned above and add it to the exclusion list.
  1. Save Settings and Confirm
  • Save the settings to apply the exclusion.
  • Confirm that the specified cache directory is now excluded from the cleanup process.


By adding the iCloud profile picture cache directory to the exclusion list in Disk Cleanup Pro, you should be able to retain your profile picture without it being removed during cleanup operations.

Please note that the steps mentioned here are based on the assumption that Disk Cleanup Pro provides an option to exclude specific directories from cleanup. If the application does not offer this functionality, you may want to consider an alternative cleanup utility or contact the developer’s support for assistance.

Always exercise caution when configuring cleanup tools to avoid unintended data loss or system issues. Make sure to back up important files before making any changes to the system.